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Premium Tube Banner Stands EM-17B1-03


Expedite your banner stand setup time while adding lavish appeal with our newest EZ Tube fabric display – the EZ tube banner stand! Hardware comes stock at 2280mm tall. Customize a single-sided (choose white or black back fabric) or double-sided dye- sublimated stretch fabric print. To assemble, secure the longest vertical poles onto the black steel base using the included allen wrench. Add the bottom horizontal support pole and secure. Snap on the remaining vertical poles, then top frame with the curved bar to complete. Tilt or lay down EZ tube banner stand to swiftly drape with the pillowcase graphic. Using the industrial-size zipper, zip underneath the bottom support pole, maximizing fabric tension.


Product Features :

Display Dimension:762 mm x 2280 mm

Graphic Size: 

Inner vinyl:600 mm x 2050 mm

Outer fabric:792 mm x 2290 mm

Graphic Material: 

Stretch Fabric

Graphic Finishing: 

Sewn on the left, right and top,


Steel base 

aluminum tube frame

Package Includes:

(1)steel base

(2)alu tube




1 Year Warranty

Weights Dimensions
Shipping Weight: 6.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 84cm x 26.5cm x 8.5cm
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