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news img1 - Custom made Fabric Display

Custom made Fabric Display

Our expertise help customers with designing fantastic custom made fabric display such as this one we made for trade show event to suit 3 x 3m booth size…

11-02-2019 0 0

news img2 - Fabric Arch Display

Fabric Arch Display

This custom made arch is great to create entry point. The arch is approx 4000mm wide with single piece fabric.

11-02-2019 0 0

IMG 8956 mod e1551089199421 - Fabric Cubes

Fabric Cubes

Pool & Spa Show, custom made hanging cubes in the background. Three large cubes made from our tube system and stretch over fabric. Light weight and easy to assemble.

25-02-2019 0 0

solar - Display System

Display System

Custom made shopping center combination of fabric walls and counter

04-03-2019 0 0